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About Dharmakshetra Nanijdham
Welcome to Dharmakshetra Nanijdham,
Today, Hinduism worldwide is in a very critical state. Hindu philosophy has always been in favor of universal brotherhood, and encouraging benevolence among each other. It also preaches to respect other religions. The culture which loves...
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Dharma Adhyatma Sanskriti
Dharma or religion is a way of living, it is also known as a thought process or belief that assimilates the society. Assimilating this thought process means integrating those thoughts in our day to day life...                                                                   MORE >>
Most ancient and foremost science of spirit or soul is ‘Adhyatma’. It is the Science which helps us in experiencing the spiritual power which is regulates all the living species. There is a super natural power around us everywhere...
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The way of living our day to day life is nothing but ‘Sankriti’ or Culture. There is very thin line between Dharma and Sanskriti. Ages back, in accordance with the circumstances family system & societal concepts emerged. Pertaining to the same...
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