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About Dharmakshetra Nanijdham 

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Dharmkshetra Nanijdham.

Today, Hinduism worldwide is in a very critical state. Hindu philosophy has always been in favor of universal brotherhood, and encouraging benevolence among each other. It also preaches to respect other religions.  The culture which loves this whole nature is itself is in danger now. Preserving this great culture is our mutual responsibility. Across the globe there is not a single nation which can be called as a ‘Hindu Nation’, as India has also been declared as secular nation by people in Politics.


Except Hindu religion all other religions have a political support, rather Hindus are being divided in castes, sub-castes and many creeds. Religious freedom for Hindus is crushed. Very conveniently they are being set apart from religious education by disputing great Hindu literature like Upanishads. Deliberately, by defaming Hindu religion and culture young generations are being diverted to other religions. No one on this planet can live without any support of any specific religion. One has to follow one or other culture. Without any culture humans can behave worse than animals and none of us are unaware of this. Murders, rapes, robberies, corruption and many evil acts like these are the outcome of lack of values, morals and culture in one’s life. Today the entire world is in search of peace & happiness. Therefore Hindu Sanatan Religion and it’s culture has to be kept alive to keep peace & happiness untouched.


Hindus are drifting aimlessly due to lack of religious education. We come across a huge discord or inconsistency in Hindu rituals, traditions and customs across the globe unlike other religions. Because of religious education Hindus are being exposed to various important things like what is Dharma, why it is required, how it educates & socializes us, how it keeps us united etc, and this religious education is day-by-day bringing all Hindus close to each other. However the respect, love & attachment for Hinduism among Hindus are declining and some missionaries or anti-Hindus are misusing this insensitivity & trying to fragment & turndown Hinduism. If we want to preserve our god, our religion, identity, culture, & its precious wealth, we have to obtain religious education and protect our religion. And this is the prime responsibility of each & every individual. The time should never come that we consider Hinduism as a part of history. If you protect Dharma, then dharma will protect you.


Therefore, we requested Param Pujya Jagatguru Ramanandacharya shri Swami Narendracharyaji Maharaj, and he agreed to disseminate religious knowledge as a part of religious education and in the form of this magazine “Dharmakshetra Nanijdham” We are publishing Param Pujya jagadgurushri’s thoughts through our magazine.


Hence, we request all Hindus to read Jagadguru’s thoughts which we are trying to spread through this monthly issue. We are very confident, that for better understanding of our religion and to protect our Dharma, this precious guidance would be very useful.  And for this noble and divine campaign we have instigated the Magazine for FREE DOWNLOAD . Get religious education and flourish in your endeavors of life.



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