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About Magazine

Dharmakshetra Nanijdham is the brainchild of Gajanan Enterprises with a thought and idea to educate more and more number of people about Hindu Religion. Since its inception, Our only objective has been to spread awareness about the religion and culture of Hinduism amongst people across the globe. It is a Global Platform which enables full-fledged knowledge about the origin and insights about Hindu Dharma, Adhyatma and Sanskriti.


Dharma or religion is a way of living, it is also known as a thought process or belief that assimilates the society. Assimilating this thought process means integrating those thoughts in our day to day life and behavior. No one can live secular or temporal life; everyone has to take the support of one or other religion. Man is a social animal, and dharma or religion is the one which differentiates man from other animals. Dharma plays a vital role in transforming this animal into a “cultured human being”. Dharma is a breath of human life, as we cannot live without oxygen; likewise life is unimaginable without Dharma.


Most ancient and foremost science of spirit or soul is ‘Adhyatma’. It is the Science which helps us in experiencing the spiritual power which is regulates all the living species. There is a super natural power around us everywhere which is in motion, inexplicable, inspiring, exalting, amorphous, pure, and attributeless. This power dwells in the entire universe. “Pindi te Bramhandi” – means the power which is dwelling in universe is also residing within us and every individual must learn to explore it. When a person realizes this eternal power within him or herself then one attains ‘Mukti’ which is the ultimate aim for every living being. And these are the things which are preached by Adhyatma. Adhyatma is the origin of all other sciences of the universe.


The way of living our day to day life is nothing but ‘Sankriti’ or Culture. There is very thin line between Dharma and Sanskriti. Ages back, in accordance with the circumstances family system & societal concepts emerged. Pertaining to the same concepts some problems also came into existence. To overcome those problems, individuals and groups of the Hindu society brainstormed on the concepts and since then, Hindu laws, rituals, customs, traditions, values and various social norms materialized & likewise “Aachar dharma” shaped up. Imbibing this “Aachar dharma” to next generation is called ‘Sanskar’ and the process of transferring ‘Sanskar’ from generation to generation is known as ‘Sanskriti’. In short, static form of “Aachar dharma” is Dharma and dynamic form of the same is ‘Sanskriti’.

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